Is physical therapy for me?

Various options can be discussed and based on how you present with your symptoms, we can figure out whether PT is the right choice for you. If you are currently in pain, call us to set up a free consultation and we will go over the findings and figure out if PT is for you.

How do I go about scheduling an appointment?

Call our office to speak to one of our very friendly patient service specialists. They will help you get the earliest appointment possible at a time which is most convenient for you. They will ask you for your insurance information, verify your coverage, and give you an estimate of your coverage.

When I come for my first appointment, what should I bring with me?

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Prescription from your doctor (if needed)
  • Print and fill out any forms you were instructed to complete. Patient Forms can be found under the Patient Resources tab.
  • If your case is going through worker’s compensation or a motor vehicle accident (MVA), please have the necessary information available:
    • Case Manager/ Adjustor Contact info
    • Claim Numbers
    • Declaration Page (MVA)
    • Police Report (MVA)
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to finish any remaining paperwork
  • Please be in comfortable clothing which will allow the therapist to examine the problem areas.

Will my treatment be covered by insurance?

Our patient service specialists will contact your insurance company to figure out the extent of your benefits and how much is covered under your policy. In most cases, insurance will cover your treatment. If you are someone who does not have insurance, we also do offer self-pay options.

What should I wear to my physical therapy sessions?

You want to make sure you are wearing something comfortable and your problem areas should be accessible to your therapist. If you are coming in for a lower extremity injury, please make sure you are also wearing comfortable sneakers.

How long should I expect each session to be?

Your initial evaluation will be an hour where your therapist will do a one-on one evaluative session with you to find out your problems and what is causing your pain. Each session after than can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes based on what your needs are and what your physical therapist decided.