“ My experience with Healing Star PT & Wellness Center has been truly phenomenal and exceptional. I dislocated my left knee couple of months back playing volleyball and was diagnosed with MCL and ACL tears. I was strictly bound to crutches for the initial one month after the injury and then I was given the go ahead to start PT. I initially went with a PT location nearby but after one session I felt it was being done for the sake of it and really did not feel like I was educated about what was happening to me. With Philip at Healing Star, he takes physical therapy to a whole new dimension. Priority is given to each individual with utmost care and comfort, clearly understanding our pain points and working to correct them in an efficient manner. As an example, after my first two sessions with Philip, I was back on my feet able to walk without requiring crutches. The range of therapies they have especially the Deep Tissue Laser Therapy aided in my recovery process rapidly. The staff and the team are very caring and strive to make every session a genuine one! ”

Gerin A

” I am an avid beach volleyball player and I have had multiple encounters with the Healing Star Physical Therapy team. In 2014, I had surgery performed on my R shoulder as a result of a volleyball injury. I went through my post-surgical rehabilitation with Philip and I was back to playing volleyball within a few months and continue to play volleyball to this day at a high level. The most recent encounter I’ve had with Paul and the Healing Star Physical Therapy team was when I developed Achilles Tendonitis. I remember walking into the clinic for the first time. I was unable to walk properly or even negotiate stairs due to the immense amount of pain. At one point, I wondered if I would be able to continue with volleyball. The combination of various hands on treatments, exercises and the LightForce laser therapy provided by Paul and the help of the aides I am now able to walk and perform at a much higher level. Paul and Philip took great care of me. They took the time to explain the problem along with the probable cause. The treatments not only helped me relieve my pain, but it also improved my performance on the volleyball court. Paul and Philip both truly care about their patients and an incredibly kind and compassionate. Overall, my experiences at Healing Star have been nothing but amazing. The atmosphere is very comfortable, and the entire staff works well together to give their patient the best care possible. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody! “

Jonathan B

” I was in a car accident 2 years ago where my car got totaled. After the crash, I had severe pain in my lower back which felt like it was going down into my R leg. My doctor diagnosed it as sciatica and he first treated me with injections and pain killers which gave me some short-term relief. Afterwards, he referred me for physical therapy at a clinic near my house. After about 3 sessions, I still wasn’t getting any relief and wanted to explore other options. My family friend then recommended Healing Star Physical Therapy.
At first, I didn’t want to make the long drive from Philadelphia to New Jersey for another physical therapy treatment, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. During my first session, Paul did a thorough examination and was able to tell me what was wrong, what exactly was causing the pain, and what I needed to do to get better. Among other things, my treatment included deep tissue massage, cupping and laser therapy. Within 2 to 3 visits, I was already feeling so much better. The pain in my legs completely disappeared. Paul knew exactly what he was doing. The entire staff at Healing Star was extremely helpful, compassionate, and I really enjoyed the quality of care I received. “

Fast forward to the present and now I’m a grandmother of two very busy 1 ½ year old twins who I’m able to keep up with without any pain. I am forever thankful to Paul and the entire Healing Star Physical Therapy team who got me back on track. I would recommend Healing Star Physical Therapy to anyone dealing with muscular or joint pain.

Juby G

” I came to Healing Star with back and hip pain. I thought I needed a hip replacement! Paul was my physical therapist. He listened to what I said and also helped me understand what was wrong. After putting me through some tests and considering what I said I was feeling, he came up with a treatment plan. The first visits were painful, but he assured me we were on the right track. His plan individually tailored for me was centered on reducing inflammation, increasing flexibility, and building strength. I have exercises that I will do now and going forward to keep our gains in place. I am very grateful for Healing Star’s patience, hard work and very competent approach to the pain I was feeling. Today I am about 90% improved. I would recommend Healing Star to anyone and everyone who needs physical therapy or is just considering trying physical therapy rather than other medical options. Oh, NO HIP REPLACEMENT NEEDED! “


Lisa L

” I have to give a huge thanks to Healing Star Physical Therapy. The amount of progress that has been made of my shoulder and neck is incredible and because of them, I am cleared to return to UFC this weekend. Also, without their help, it would have been much more difficult to pinpoint the TMJ issues I was diagnosed with. Before Healing Star, I was in so much pain in my neck and shoulder I couldn’t decipher the source of other pains and discomforts. If you are having any physical issues, I absolutely cannot recommend these guys hard enough. Best Physical Care I have ever received anywhere, HANDS DOWN! “

Richard C