The lumbo-pelvic hip complex and shoulder girdle are thought to contribute to shoulder dysfunction in the over-head athlete. Muscle weakness and/or under activity coupled with neural over activity and myofascial tightness impair the normal force production-force reduction capability of the lumbo-pelvic hip complex and shoulder girdle. These imbalances lead to early fatigue of synergistic muscle groups, predisposing an athlete to injury.

Our physical therapists are trained to examine not only the body part which is painful, but also to look at the whole picture with a thorough examination. It involves observing your pitching, possibly from different angles using video equipment. It is always better to see the whole body while pitching to take note of any compensations that could be happening.

Secondly, we examine your joint range of motion, muscle strength, muscle flexibility of your lower body, trunk and upper body. Our main focus is on the synchronous function and how well the task is executed.

Some Physical Therapy treatments from a Sports Specialized PT would be:

1. Treat Gluteus Medius weakness.

2. Improve flexibility of TFL-Tensor Fascia Latae

3. Focus on Adductor Complex

4. Strengthen Quadratus Lumborum

5. Strengthen the Rotator Cuff